Yo Yo's - The Singin' Swingin' Yo Yo's (Record Store Day 2012 exclusive)

   One of several vinyl specials created by Ace for this year’s Record Store Day, “The Singin’ Swingin’ Yo- Yos” features four tracks – three of them previously unissued – by one of the leading lights of Memphis, Tennessee’s mid-60s garage and frat band scene.Notable as one of the few non-soul acts to be signed to the revered Goldwax imprint, the Yo Yos released just two singles for the label but both are highly collectable for both Goldwax and garage collectors alike. One side of their debut single ‘Leanin’ On You’ is featured here – the other three have never been issued before.Despite being a Memphis label and a Memphis act, the songs feature here all come from a session conducted by Goldwax at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals in October 1966. The group’s covers of songs by Irma Thomas and Tommy Tucker give an idea of how good they were live – plus there’s a bonus of an original version of a very obscure Dan Penn-Spooner Oldham song to round things off in a highly desirable manner.This EP is sure to be snapped up quickly, and by the same two groups of collectors who cherish the group’s singles. Be sure not to miss out!
Side One
2. LEANING ON YOU Goldwax 303 (1966)
Side Two
1. DESTROYED (2012)

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