Greece Goes Modern-The Holy Grail Has Landed!

It’s been exactly 45 years since greek discography was enriched with “Greece Goes Modern” by Mimis Plessas & The Orbiters,an album that managed to join the mediterranean shake with jazz improvisations creating a perfect,solid music body and brought a fresh and 
 dynamic sound.The talent and the incredible skills of the musicians gave us a modern project that still offers a delightful listening nowdays.
After tracking down an original vinyl
copy of this rarity, the “Lost Archives” series of B-OtherSide Records”  in collaboration with “Belle Vue” fanzine and the Plan59 vintage record store as well, proceeded to a limited hand numbered reissue of 300 copies (half on black and half on white vinyl).This edition will be accompanied with an insert, providing a personal note from the maestro Mimis Plessas and photos taken from his personal archives.Street date is the 24th of December.Not to be missed!
Enjoy it online and grab a vinyl copy before it is too late! 

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