Elias Zaikos Plays The Blues For A Silent Night

  It was 1994 when the owners of Mylos Club in Thessaloniki decided to give away a very special Christmas card that would smell...vinyl.The season greetings were accompanied with a 2 track seven inch single,playing an unexpectable blues version of "Silent Night" arranged by Elias Zaikos while the flip side("River Moon Waltz") was an original tune by the famous greek bluesman.EZ talks about blues and Christmas.

 What are your first musical memories growing up in Thessaloniki?

I wasn't playing the guitar until my early 20s, hanging around with friends playing music in rock bands, listening to lot of records, it was different times then,
no internet, no cell phones...
                                                               Did you always want to become a musician?

I think always wanted to be a self made man, kind of independent, music never stopped calling and one day i heard it. Since then, i never looked back.

 What first attracted you to the blues?

Raw power, freedom of expression, once this music grabs you, that's it!
Who’s influenced you the most in your music writing and playing?

Well, most everyone in the classic blues discography...i listen to a lot of music, many different styles, not just blues, there's a bit of everything i know into my songs and playing style. I get inspiration from what i see and hear around me.

 Do you remember singing Christmas carols as a kid?

Yes, it was nice, i can't recall any special memory though...

 Would you share a story being on the road or on stage at Christmas time?

Not really, i just feel happy to play for celebrating people.

Tell us a few things about the recording and release of "Silent Night".

That was done in a very short time, i had this idea to play the melody on the guitar, some friends said "let's do it", went to the studio with a couple of excellent musicians and friends and finished the whole thing in a day or two.
Are there any particular songs that you play that have special meaning to you?

Each and everyone. The impact varies, but a meaning remains.
 Do you think that the young people are fond of the blues?

I see a lot of young people coming at our gigs lately, i think that's a good sign.
 How do you see the future of blues music?

This is real people's music, i believe it will never die or fade, just like love or man's willing to find a better earth to live in.

What’s your favourite guitar?

If i had to pick just one guitar, that would be a Telecaster.

Who are your favourite blues artists?

Man, that's a long list! We don't have the time!

Which are your top 5 blues records of  all time?

Hard to say...five? Come on! 50 would be kind of easier.

Which are the future plans for you and Blues Wire?

A new album for 2013 and playing as much as we can!

(As told to High Fidelity Stories)
contact http://www.blueswire.gr/zaikos.htm

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