Sir Psych Sends Popsike Greetings From L.A.

   Sir Psych(formerly known as Martin Nunez) had a fatal accident in his childhood,similar to Obelix's one with the cauldron of magic potion:he was unable since then to live without music.And further more, he got into deep psychedelic moods,being a record collector willing to share his rare finds through his blog,making incredible compilations of 60's tracks or having some hip hop adventures by sampling some fractals of his massive vinyl library. "The Popsike World Of Sir Psych" is a 19 track compilation,a fully homemade project with all music and instruments played and arranged by Martin himself(with a little help from his pal LA.AL). Balancing trippy minimal harmonies with some dreamy fragile vocals,mixing echoes,various effects, some harpsichords here,some sitars there,Sir Psych is creating a psychedelic universe with shiny pop diamonds.All driven by living memories from his dusty vinyl background with a fresh feeling for liberated listeners.But please.forget about sterile sixties revival,this is a great sample of contemporary psychedelic songwriting.Sir Psych proves that sky is the limit.Or not?



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