The Man In The Train

  A respectably bourgeois couple, Manto and her husband, decide to go by car to Nafplion, along with a group of friends. At a train crossing, Manto sees someone she knows in one of the windows of the passing train. She becomes very upset, on the verge of fainting, but manages to control herself. A little later, she sees the same man at the ancient theater of Epidaurus during a performance of Medea. And, as if that weren’t enough, the man is staying at their hotel. He looks exactly like Giorgos Pavlidis, the love of her life, a man whom everybody thought was killed by the Germans, but who, from what it seems, is alive. For a moment, Manto is thinking of abandoning everything for his sake: settled life, husband, children and home, but the man from the train chooses another solution: he disappears, leaving things the way they were.

 One of the best samples in the greek film noir history,"The Man In The Train" was based on Giannis Maris novel(who also took care of the screenplay and directed by Dinos Dimopoulos.The movie was a 1958 production of Olympos Films and since then there is no vhs or dvd release.Here is a recent upload,ripped from greek television.

The cast:Anna Synodinou (Manto), Georgios Pappas (Dimitris), Mihalis Nikolinakos (Yorgos Pavlidis), Zorz Sarri (Eleni), Maro Kondou (Jenny Dervini), Yorgos Gavriilidis (Nikos Ladopoulos), Dimos Starenios, Costas Kourtis, Dora Costidou, Stelios Papadakis, Vassilis Kanakis, Nineta Zotou.

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