Snails In The Garage

“I hope that this Saturday,the cd will be in our hands”.That’s what Kostas(the nothing but support guy) told me a few hours before that last vinyl record fair was about to open its doors in Athens.”Well,I hope so because the band is gonna play together with The Invisible Surfers this evening so it would be perfect to sell some copies…”

  Snails from Greece had released a four track 7’’ single back in 2009 on Actions Records.Now, after a lot of gigs,the time has come for an integrated project to be out and…here it is!Their first homonym album,through the same label, has just arrived in cd format.Long time waiting?Don’t complain,snails are really low speed creatures as we know but they have the unique ability not to lose their destination no matter what. And the band confirms the fame of their name by presenting a collection of fourteen tracks(eleven of them self penned) through a blend of garage kicks, sixties psych mythology and punk insolence.
  Keeping the faith of what they love,the band makes brilliant covers in three classics:I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time, Gypsy Woman(with vocals by Dimitris Beleniotis of the...Cardinals) and Satisfaction Guaranteed without hesitating to give some “exotica” touch on Haifa Nights and Surfazat.So, what is all about?Solid rhythm section,hell-fuzzed guitars,haunted vocals and possessed harmonica.Some wyld childs are dancing with the zombies…Their album is housed in a pretty trippy digipack cover(made by Dimitris Megalios) in a limited run.Once more,satisfaction guaranteed.Indeed.And my fave track?Universal Soldier!

By the way,the Snails cd came to my hands under a way that will not be published here. And Kostas still owes me a fully signed copy of their Heartbreaker ep.

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