Dead Tales From The Basement

  The semiology of a picture with five gentlemen in high school style talking to their teacher "yes we did it,should we go now and play?",leaves no room for error or misunderstanding.What would you expect really with a name like this?Shoegaze bubblegums or conservatoire afiocinados?Being proud of their origins and influences,meaning sixties psych phantasmagoria and eighties garage revival,the Basements come from Thessaloniki,Greece and were formed in 2009.One year later,they released their "Shame On You" four track vinyl ep(LIT45-004).But, because of the fact that seven inches are not enough,they are back again with their debut album under the title "I'm Dead",released again on Lost In Tyme Records(LIT33-001).

 Well,that’s it!Twelve raw and toxic tales from their basement,exposing strictly original material with a strong desire for personal testimony.They serve a pure lysergic recipe for the unreperant cavepunk swingers,sure  enough not only to satisfy the die hard garage lovers but to attract new listeners as well.The Basements have made a bet,to overtake the limits of the country and imprint their traces to the wonderful universal psychedelic jungle.As Sound Explosion remain in silence, you gotta see them driving and listen loud.Cheers guys!

The album receives a vinyl release of 500 copies(150 of them in purple wax) and also a limited run of 300 copies on compact disc for digital freaks.

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