Dimitris Karras & Skull & Dawn “Funeral ceremony”

 Β-otherSide Records proudly presents the new album from Dimitris Karras and the Skull &  Dawn band entitled “Funeral ceremony” in a hand numbered edition of 200 vinyl copies .The release  contains 7 new songs plus an exclusive for vinyl bonus track,a traditional song which was remixed from the Skull & Dawn band.
  The songs are written from Dimitris Karras  and the instrumentation was made from the Skull & Dawn band, according to their dark, folk-country sound, under the supervision of Konstantinos Stergiou (Misuse).
  In this "dark" album there is a collaboration with the Helen & Souzanna Vougioukli vocal duet and the Cretan folksinger Haralambos Garganourakis and the artwork was created by Nicky Mousadakou. 


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