Jazz Noire For Vinyl Lovers

 In response to the great popularity of the cd editions of Jazz Noire and Drink Up – Light Up!, and to meet the demands of vinyl collectors, Fantastic Voyage now releases highlights of both compilations as 2LP vinyl editions, limited to 500 copies.

 Jazz Noire is your soundtrack to the mean streets of Los Angeles in the post-war 1940s. This 28-track 2LP  presents studio recordings by the era's most famous musicians, many of whom were based in, or were habitus of the bars and theatres of The City Of Angels. For music-lovers, Jazz Noire constitutes a fascinating survey of the evolving jazz scene in a period when big band swing was losing ground to smaller jazz combos and the bebop style was developing. It was also the time when what is now known as rhythm & blues was in its infancy. Many of the finest performers of the era are showcased here on studio recordings chosen both for their quality and their ability to evoke the dramatic mood of classic film noir. The cover and insert text of Jazz Noire have been carefully designed to pay homage to the hard-boiled, lurid detective fiction of the period, the perfect packaging for a compilation which will appeal both to L.A. Noire devotees and also to those looking for an atmospheric survey of the immediate post-war jazz and R&B scene.


"Jazz Noire Tales Of Dope, Booze & Sleaze" follows 2011's hugely-successful Jazz Noire collection by letting the same team return to those sleazy dives and bars, this time homing in on the dope, drink and dubious characters to provide a vivid picture of high-seeking low life between the 1930s and 1950s. The music on Drink Up - Light Up! evokes that time when orchestras swelled, brass sections exploded like fireworks and blues dripped off piano keys onto booze- and tear-stained barroom floors, staggering cast including names like the Reefer Man and Snuff Dippin' Mama. Along with his usual knowledgeable annotation, compiler Dave Penny repeats Jazz Noire's scene-setting movie themes and finales with Wild Weed, Reefer Madness, D.O.A. and The Man With The Golden Arm. All told, just the ticket after a summer of Lycra-clad Olympic water-wielders! 50 prime examples of atmospheric jazz and R&B 1932-1954, bookended by classic film noir themes. Big-name artists include Sarah Vaughan, Cab Calloway, Dinah Washington, The Ink Spots, Charles Brown, Jack McVea, Jimmy Witherspoon, Wynonie Harris and Joe Liggins. Compiled by early popular music authority Dave Penny. Packaged and annotated to celebrate lurid 1940s pulp fiction.

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