Pete & Royce Suffering of Tomorrow - Days of Destruction

First time ever official reissue of these 2 great and very rare Greek early 80’s psychedelic progressive albums in one CD.
Musicbazz Corporation ‘s debuting release is the reissue of the first two albums of Greek progressive underground legends Pete & Royce (“Suffering of Tomorrow” and “Days of Destruction”) on one CD. It is a very special limited edition of 500 copies, with a deluxe gatefold silver-foil embossed/textured cover and big art-poster.
Both these nearly impossible to find progressive albums, that were originally released in 1980 and 1981 respectively in Greece as limited private editions, are mastered by members from the original line-up of the band, offering a vivid and authentic “close-to-analog” sound.
Pete & Royce are considered as one of the top and totally unique psych/progressive rock bands coming from Greece. Wired around Panagiotis “Pete” Tsiros, during the late ‘70s through to the early ‘80s, Pete & Royce offered to the European prog underground scene an astounding blend of trippy moods and moves: flashy melodies, hard guitar biting-fuzz, night crawling rhythms, mystifying electronic shifts and strange lyrics like oracles from an unknown book of Apocalypsis (very compatibly, two key members of another top progressive Greek group named Apocalypsis were also involved importantly in the recordings of Pete & Royce, the keyboardist Vasilis Dertilis and the vocalist Giannis Palamidas). Both albums of Pete & Royce are internationally sought after for their dreamy Pink-Floydian atmosphere, the brilliant vocals and guitars of Tsiros himself, the topnotch fiery interplay of all the participating musicians (especially of the key member, keyboardist and co-composer, Vasilis Ghinos) and the rarer but equally mind-blowing cosmic funk moments.
After three decades of waiting, we all now have the privilege to enjoy these two thrilling private LPs, put together in a fully authorized and top quality CD reissue. Finally, a monstrous collector’s dream has become a reality.

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